Looking for a new mattress?

The orthopedic and ergonomics experts say that the best mattress is one that offers support to the spine, maintaining its natural curvature and without pressing any point of the body.

Based on this main consideration, at the time of selecting it, the following should be taken into account:

Educate yourself about the different models

Today you have a wide variety of options to gather using sleepjunkie. There is the model of springs. There is also solid foam, which can be designed in a single block of foam or in several layers of different types of laminates.

The foam can be made of natural latex or the new memory foam. The consistency of the first is more elastic, allowing better ventilation and the second is thicker and more compact, something that can be hot for people who sweat and tend to feel the heat while they sleep.

The new inflatable air mattresses, such as Select Comfort, allow you to adjust the level of firmness on each side with an electric inflator. The inflation system can be noisy for some and annoying the fact of not bringing a second driver to the opposite side.

The “innerspring” type (or springs) is the oldest and although their spring system has improved over the years, the reviews and qualification tests usually put them at a disadvantage when compared with foam.

Compare the quality and price of various brands

To select the best mattress is recommended to visit the stores specializing in this product (such as Mattress Firm, Mattress Warehouse, Mattress King, Sleep Train and Sleepy’s) or the popular stores that offer a wide selection of mattresses (Macy’s or Sears) or have their own line (as is the case of Ikea, for example) to have a clear idea of ​​all the models that different brands have and thus make a good comparison of quality and price before making any decision.


If the store allows it, you must lie down for at least 5 to 10 minutes on any mattress that you are considering buying.

The best way to do it is with loose clothing and no shoes. When lying on the mattress, you have to make yourself comfortable and the seller is told he has to wait because he will take his time.

During the test, you have to lie on each side and on your back and stomach and, especially, in the preferred position to sleep.

If the store does not allow testing, then it is important to check the return policies before buying.

Know how to negotiate the price

To obtain the lowest price of the mattress you want, you should do an investigation of its cost in the various stores where it is available. Only when you know where it is cheaper, can you negotiate.

Another good measure to obtain it at a good price is to wait for the sales of the rebate that usually occur in the periods before the holidays or weeks of vacation.

Only the mattress

Before leaving home to make the purchase is advised to see the state of the so-called “spring box” if the bed uses it. If this is in good condition, at the time of negotiation should avoid the pressure of the seller to buy a new one.