Got Stuck? Try These Tips to Streamline Your Mattress

In the flood of offers, before buying a mattress, you have a dilemma and do not know which one to choose? Here is a short guide to your questions and answers, which will help you to choose and buy the perfect mattress for yourself.

Is the height of the mattress important?

When making a decision on how high the core should be, you need to take into account that the mattresses with the higher core are more comfortable, as your shoulders and hips can be squeezed more comfortably into the mattress; the lumbar part is better supported.

  • Upper mattress (16 cm or more)
  • Provides the most comfort and is suitable for people with a stronger constitution.
  • Medium high mattress (14 cm)
  • Provides optimal comfort and support for spine. Lower mattress (12 cm)
  • Provides optimum support to children and young people and to vital persons, who do not bother with spinal problems.

What dimensions to choose?

The mute must be at least 10 cm longer and larger than the dimensions of your body (body height and shoulder width).

Memory foam mattresses are available in all standard sizes. The latex mattress dimensions can be fully adapted to your desires and your body’s needs.

What strength do you choose to choose?

Suitable hardness of the mattress depends on your body weight.

For people with lower body weight, we recommend softer mattresses, and for people with higher body weight – hard mattresses. Hitex mattresses with foam are designed for people up to 95 kg; latex mattresses are suitable for all body weight.


  • Dusky Lavender Comfort 16 cm
  • Medium hard mattresses
  • Mattresses designed for people weighing 75 to 95 kg
  • Hard mattresses
  • Mattresses intended for people over 95 kg of weight

Are you sweating excessively? Do you care about hygiene and freshness of the mattress on which you are sleeping?

All of our mattresses have derivable covers that you can wash whenever you want and provide yourself with a constant freshness.

Do you have a spine problem?

Be sure to choose a mattress with 7 zones, as this means that the mattress core consists of seven different harnesses; the bearing is in the lumbar part the strongest and in this way properly supports your spine. In the side and shoulder sections, these mattresses are softer and allow the body to comfortably soak in these parts. In this way, your body is properly supported and occupies a proper physiological position, which eliminates pain.

Why is it necessary for a quality mattress to have high quality slats?

When you lie on a mattress, it is necessary to adjust it to your body and pressure. Flexible battens have the ability to adapt to the body in the highest-pressure zones and thus provide complete comfort and excellent support. An important feature of the slats is ventilation, because the slats allow the air to circulate and the moisture that the body excludes during sleep and lying will not stay in the mattress. In this way, you eliminate the possibility of developing mold in the mattress, which is very harmful to health. It is also recommended that the slats have the ability to adjust the hardness, so that you can adjust the hardness to suit you, if necessary, day by day.

Is it better to buy a double bed or a bed from two fused parts?

A double bed in two separate cores is better in terms of maintaining and adapting to the body. Also, it may happen that your bedding is too dark for the washing machine you own, and this makes maintenance difficult. Independent mattresses are better adapted to the body and have orthopedic properties tailored to your body. In case you feel the place of the joints of two mattresses, you can put an overhang or mattress cover over them (Chamomile, Lavender, Bamboo, Cool Gel) and will provide complete protection for you. Find all the information regarding theOptions with sleepjunkie assistance.