How to Treat Mattress Better Than Anyone Else

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause pain in the lower back or make it worse. The absence of a mattress support causes a poor resting position, tense muscles and does not help keep the spine aligned, which contributes to low back pain.

Comfort at rest is also sacrificed if the mattress is not adapted to the individual preferences of each person. A mattress that provides comfort and support to the back helps reduce pain in the lower back, allowing the structures of the spine to really rest and recover during the night.

With the wide variety of mattresses on the market, choosing the right mattress can be difficult. The following practical guidelines have been designed to help patients with low back pain choose the best mattress that provides back support and comfort at rest:

Personal preference is what, ultimately, should determine which mattress is the best. There is not a single style or type of mattress that is suitable for all people with lower back pain. Any mattress that helps someone sleep without feeling pain or stiffness is the best mattress for that individual. Patients with low back pain should choose the mattress that meets their standards of comfort and support and that allows them to achieve a good night’s rest.

Understand the physical components of the mattress and ask. The internal spirals or springs of a mattress provide support. The different mattresses vary in the number and arrangement of the springs. The padding on the top of the mattress has many different thicknesses. The depth of the mattresses is usually in a range of 7 to 18 inches (17.8 to 45.7 cm). The choice of the number of springs, the type of cover and the depth of the mattress should be determined by the individual preferences.

Find a mattress with good support for the back. A good mattress should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. The right amount of back support also helps the patient avoid myalgia in the morning. Although there is not much clinical information about mattresses, it was observed in a study that mattresses of medium firmness usually provide greater relief than firm mattresses.

Achieve a balance between support at your back and comfort. General comfort while sleeping on the mattress is as important as having enough support for your back. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can cause pain at pressure points. A mattress with a mid-point of firmness can be more comfortable because it allows the shoulders and hips to settle more slowly. Patients who want a firmer mattress to have good support for their backs can get one with a thicker top cover for comfort.

Know how to identify when is a good time to get a good mattress. If an old mattress visibly sinks in the middle or is no longer comfortable, it may be time to buy a new one. Placing a board under a sunken mattress to keep it from sinking is only a short-term measure for this problem; the mattress should still be changed.

In summary, what we can conclude is that what you have to take into account when choosing a mattress, either spring or viscoelastic, are the tastes and needs of those who will sleep there. The choice will depend on whether you sleep alone or accompanied, if you are cold or hot, if there is a mobility problem as well as respiratory and even weight and height. A type of mattresses or others will offer different characteristics.

Edge firmness

Finally, you must take into account the firmness of the edge of the mattress, especially if you sleep near the edge of the bed. Or you sit on the edge of the bed often. Most mid-range or higher spring mattresses use an advanced foam coating around the edges, however some of the cheaper mattresses simply put a steel rod on the sides. The foam coating is better. Viscoelastic mattresses usually do not have a separate point of support for the edge because of the nature of the viscoelastic.

Now that we know the basic factors that we should look at, let’s see how to actually buy a mattress. Another factor to consider is to visitsleepjunkie on your computeronce and get the best deals.

Got Stuck? Try These Tips to Streamline Your Mattress

In the flood of offers, before buying a mattress, you have a dilemma and do not know which one to choose? Here is a short guide to your questions and answers, which will help you to choose and buy the perfect mattress for yourself.

Is the height of the mattress important?

When making a decision on how high the core should be, you need to take into account that the mattresses with the higher core are more comfortable, as your shoulders and hips can be squeezed more comfortably into the mattress; the lumbar part is better supported.

  • Upper mattress (16 cm or more)
  • Provides the most comfort and is suitable for people with a stronger constitution.
  • Medium high mattress (14 cm)
  • Provides optimal comfort and support for spine. Lower mattress (12 cm)
  • Provides optimum support to children and young people and to vital persons, who do not bother with spinal problems.

What dimensions to choose?

The mute must be at least 10 cm longer and larger than the dimensions of your body (body height and shoulder width).

Memory foam mattresses are available in all standard sizes. The latex mattress dimensions can be fully adapted to your desires and your body’s needs.

What strength do you choose to choose?

Suitable hardness of the mattress depends on your body weight.

For people with lower body weight, we recommend softer mattresses, and for people with higher body weight – hard mattresses. Hitex mattresses with foam are designed for people up to 95 kg; latex mattresses are suitable for all body weight.


  • Dusky Lavender Comfort 16 cm
  • Medium hard mattresses
  • Mattresses designed for people weighing 75 to 95 kg
  • Hard mattresses
  • Mattresses intended for people over 95 kg of weight

Are you sweating excessively? Do you care about hygiene and freshness of the mattress on which you are sleeping?

All of our mattresses have derivable covers that you can wash whenever you want and provide yourself with a constant freshness.

Do you have a spine problem?

Be sure to choose a mattress with 7 zones, as this means that the mattress core consists of seven different harnesses; the bearing is in the lumbar part the strongest and in this way properly supports your spine. In the side and shoulder sections, these mattresses are softer and allow the body to comfortably soak in these parts. In this way, your body is properly supported and occupies a proper physiological position, which eliminates pain.

Why is it necessary for a quality mattress to have high quality slats?

When you lie on a mattress, it is necessary to adjust it to your body and pressure. Flexible battens have the ability to adapt to the body in the highest-pressure zones and thus provide complete comfort and excellent support. An important feature of the slats is ventilation, because the slats allow the air to circulate and the moisture that the body excludes during sleep and lying will not stay in the mattress. In this way, you eliminate the possibility of developing mold in the mattress, which is very harmful to health. It is also recommended that the slats have the ability to adjust the hardness, so that you can adjust the hardness to suit you, if necessary, day by day.

Is it better to buy a double bed or a bed from two fused parts?

A double bed in two separate cores is better in terms of maintaining and adapting to the body. Also, it may happen that your bedding is too dark for the washing machine you own, and this makes maintenance difficult. Independent mattresses are better adapted to the body and have orthopedic properties tailored to your body. In case you feel the place of the joints of two mattresses, you can put an overhang or mattress cover over them (Chamomile, Lavender, Bamboo, Cool Gel) and will provide complete protection for you. Find all the information regarding theOptions with sleepjunkie assistance.

5 tips to buy right mattress for class sleep

A good night’s sleep is something everyone wants, but older beds can often keep people from sleeping soundly. Choosing a mattress is a very personal experience. Shoppers need to find something that is both supportive and comfortable enough for their individual tastes. Here are a few things shoppers should do when starting the search.

Establish a Budget

With any furniture purchase, it’s important to set a financial plan before stepping into a showroom or shop. Options vary widely in price based on their features and the materials used. However, buyers should be practical and pick up things according to their needs. Opting for the cheapest mattress in the store is not necessarily the smartest decision. Low-end mattresses can break down more quickly and forcing the owner to spend more money on frequent replacements. Set both an upper and lower limit to the budget and shop for mattresses in the middle of the range. So, when wants to buy a mattress then try to give more attention on their quality too with budget.

Take Time to Test Each Option

Most people spend at least six to eight hours in bed every night. If buyers make a decision in a hurry, then they are sure to leave the store with a model which they would not love. Rather than buying the first model that you sit on, shoppers should spend at least 10 minutes testing each model. This will give them an idea of how helpful the structure is and should help them decide if the bed will be comfortable for a full night’s sleep. Consume some time will teach you how you can buy a mattress according to your kind of needs. So, when you want to buy the best mattress for the money you should do this process.

Speak to the Sales Staff

Most stores feature multiple models, and each made with different materials. If shoppers are familiar with the terminology, the options can quickly seem awesome. Rather than handling the search alone, speak with a member of the store’s staff. They will provide insight into the benefits of each bed while also helping customers identify which options fit their budget. Some may even be able to make suggestion based on shoppers’ individual preferences and help people to pick up right one.

Don’t Go Alone

If someone is going to be sleeping in the bed alone, they can make the decision alone, but if they are sharing the platform with another person, it’s best to bring that person along. The only way they will know if the amount of support is comfortable for both them and their partner is to try the model out together. Plus, the added weight of another person can change the way the bed feels-what felt great with just one person may be less desirable when shared with a partner. Whether you should buy the memory foam mattressthen you need to consult through professional or don’t go alone.

Ask About Guarantees

Many stores offer in-home trials or so-called comfort guarantees that allow buyers to return the bed should they find it uncomfortable after a certain number of nights. Make use of these guarantees and give the bedding an in-home test before committing to a model. If it doesn’t feel like the right fit, return it and try another option.

Vital facts to know about the firm mattresses

Do you want to get a priceless sleep?Then you need to buy quality mattresses for your health. Nowadays, everyone loves to be more focused on their work, and it is required to fulfill your money goals too. When you find that you can’t sleep in the right manner, then you can try this one mattress for your sleep. The firm mattress has lot of benefits which you can get in your life to feel the freshness every day.

To maintain comfort and good sleep in the right manner, there is no need to pick up the mattress in different qualities. If you are confused about how to buy any mattress for your home, then you can consult through employees of the company unless you can get advice through your doctor. Actually, the mattress is the best to remove the pain of spine or back.

List of profitable factors that you will get from this mattress

The list of vital factors will help you to know about the qualities of firm mattresses,so you can choose this perfect one. These below products will help you to know about why firm mattresses are the best for you.

Excellence comfort

When you buy firm mattresses, then you can get excellence comfort– and this comfort rejuvenates you with high-class sleep. You would get many other things like priceless sleep and avoid all those diseases which you should face from many times due to your old mattress. There is no need to think twice when you want to buy a mattress and you can buy this one. online mattress reviews help you to get excellent comfort, and you can make comparisons between many mattresses through this.

You feel sound rest

Actually, the human body can’t rest on a soft or sagging surface and it adds discomfort levels in your life cycle. It is possible because the body of people tries to compensate for unconventional positions during sleep. Actually, your spine needs the perfect posture to rest and like as every part needs different posture of rest in the perfect way. Therefore, you can shop a firm mattress and you feel the sound of rest easily. You can get a mattress for you and avoid all circumstances like these.

Weight distribution of body in right way

Make sure that weight of your body is distributed in the perfect way when you sleep at night. If you want to buy a soft mattress, then your weight can’t allocate in the right way. There are number of problems will continue if you try to sleep on a soft surface. To manage the perfect flow of weight distribution, you can buy the firm mattresses. You have to see reviews if you want to know about which mattress are according to your body type.

Rejuvenation of body

Actually, a good sleep requires maintaining happiness on your face and it also essential to make your body healthythe right way. The fact is that the human body repairs in that time when you get a sleep of 8 hours or more.  Hormones are activated in this position and all of the cells are restored while thelevel of insulin also is reduced.

Essential to get know everything about mattresses

Every person knows a good sleep is the keyto a good health. If you do not take proper asleep at night then it can have great impact on your sleep and make your day worse as well as you may face various neck, back and joint pain issues due to a bad quality mattress. In these days, wide variety of mattresses is available in the market that helps people by providing sound sleep and good immune system.

Memory foam mattresses, latex mattress, innerspring, hybrid, pillow top, and many more mattresses are available in the market that fulfills different sleeping needs of people which may reduce any kind of pain, and back issues in their body. Latex mattresses are generally considered for people who are suffering from back and joint pain issues. These types of mattresses provide great support to all pressure points of the body and proper comfort according to the sleeping posture of a sleeper which helps to give you a proper and undisturbed sleep.

There ishuge variety are available in the market they allow you to control the body temperature and provide great support to your body. But before going to buy any special type of mattress for you, make sure to take the advice from an expert of the store from where you are going to buy your new mattresses.

Consider your requirements on priority

While going to buy a mattress, you must look for the one which is fit well for your body movement during sleep and make sure that you do not have any kind of issues with the mattress. In these days, online shopping is a good option for you to choose which allow you to find a good quality and durable mattresses for your bed within affordable prices. If you do not have adequate knowledge about the benefits offered by various types of mattresses, then the experts on the online site make sure to satisfy their customers by providing high-quality mattress within their budget.

The mattress comes in different size, design, and material which offer different needs of their customers according to their bed size and comfortability. You need to choose best mattress according to the size of your bed and look of your room. Good looking mattresses and beautiful bed sheet will change the look of your home and it will attract the attention of visitors at your home.

Invest in quality mattress

Quality is another important thing that you need to consider while going to buy the memory foam mattress. You can see lots of manufacturers that offer cheap mattress, but they have low quality and low-density mattress which do not serve you for long years. Mattresses are a big investment and you need to invest in a good quality and affordable mattresses. On the online market, you can see lots of mattresses and you can choose one best by making effective comparison between their price and features and make sure to buy the one right for your needs and requirements.

Looking for a new mattress?

The orthopedic and ergonomics experts say that the best mattress is one that offers support to the spine, maintaining its natural curvature and without pressing any point of the body.

Based on this main consideration, at the time of selecting it, the following should be taken into account:

Educate yourself about the different models

Today you have a wide variety of options to gather using sleepjunkie. There is the model of springs. There is also solid foam, which can be designed in a single block of foam or in several layers of different types of laminates.

The foam can be made of natural latex or the new memory foam. The consistency of the first is more elastic, allowing better ventilation and the second is thicker and more compact, something that can be hot for people who sweat and tend to feel the heat while they sleep.

The new inflatable air mattresses, such as Select Comfort, allow you to adjust the level of firmness on each side with an electric inflator. The inflation system can be noisy for some and annoying the fact of not bringing a second driver to the opposite side.

The “innerspring” type (or springs) is the oldest and although their spring system has improved over the years, the reviews and qualification tests usually put them at a disadvantage when compared with foam.

Compare the quality and price of various brands

To select the best mattress is recommended to visit the stores specializing in this product (such as Mattress Firm, Mattress Warehouse, Mattress King, Sleep Train and Sleepy’s) or the popular stores that offer a wide selection of mattresses (Macy’s or Sears) or have their own line (as is the case of Ikea, for example) to have a clear idea of ​​all the models that different brands have and thus make a good comparison of quality and price before making any decision.


If the store allows it, you must lie down for at least 5 to 10 minutes on any mattress that you are considering buying.

The best way to do it is with loose clothing and no shoes. When lying on the mattress, you have to make yourself comfortable and the seller is told he has to wait because he will take his time.

During the test, you have to lie on each side and on your back and stomach and, especially, in the preferred position to sleep.

If the store does not allow testing, then it is important to check the return policies before buying.

Know how to negotiate the price

To obtain the lowest price of the mattress you want, you should do an investigation of its cost in the various stores where it is available. Only when you know where it is cheaper, can you negotiate.

Another good measure to obtain it at a good price is to wait for the sales of the rebate that usually occur in the periods before the holidays or weeks of vacation.

Only the mattress

Before leaving home to make the purchase is advised to see the state of the so-called “spring box” if the bed uses it. If this is in good condition, at the time of negotiation should avoid the pressure of the seller to buy a new one.